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This Open Data Dataset Inventory is a list of data created and managed by the WSIB to support our core business. Making our data open and accessible will improve our transparency and accountability to Ontarians.

Consultation report

The WSIB Open Data Consultation Report provides a summary and analysis of feedback we received in our Open Data public consultation, which ran from October 20, 2016 to December 30, 2016. We thank all those who provided input.

WSIB Open Data Program

The WSIB’s Open Data program is aligned to the Province of Ontario’s Open Data Directive and intended to enhance the way citizens obtain, view and understand our data.

By increasing public access to data managed by the WSIB, the Open Data program provides more transparency, lets citizens and community-based organizations reuse our data, and supports innovation. The Open Data License sets out guidelines for using this data.

Please email us your comments or suggestions at

Inventory List

This Open Data Dataset Inventory is a list of data maintained by the WSIB that may be published in the future or that have already been published.

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Data attributes

Public Title MANDATORY
Plain language name of the dataset, suitable for the public
Short Description MANDATORY
Short Description for purpose of the Dataset. Suitable plain language for public understanding
Long Description (Body) MANDATORY
Long Description that complements the Short Description and provides more information for Users or Stakeholders of the Dataset
Other Title OPTIONAL
If your office/team/branch has a unique or technical identifier name or identifier for this dataset that you would like to maintain, please include it here.
Data Custodian Branch MANDATORY
Please include the name of the ministry branch or agency department responsible for generating and updating the content of the data or providing authoritative information about it.
Contains Geographic Markers OPTIONAL
This field indicates if the dataset contains geographic markers such as latitude/longitude, postal code, addresses.
Update Frequency MANDATORY
Please indicate how often the dataset is refreshed or updated.
Access Level MANDATORY
This field indicates if the dataset can be accessed by the public.
Exemption MANDATORY if Access Level is "Restricted"
This field indicates the specific exemption that applies to the restricted datasets.
Rationale not to Release MANDATORY if Access Level is "Restricted"
This field allows you to briefly explain why a dataset is restricted and cannot be freely accessed. Be clear, concise, and write in plain language suitable for the public.
File Types (extensions) MANDATORY
Please indicate the format of the file that your source data is stored in (separate with a comma).